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Opening ceremony


On 31 January 2013 the Academy project ‘Buddhist manuscripts from Gandhāra’ was presented to the public in an opening ceremony in the University of Munich’s Senate Hall. The Presidents of the University of Munich and the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanties, and a representative of the Bavarian State Ministry for Sciences, Research and the Arts opened the event with their greetings. In the following, Harry Falk explained the history of research and the development of the project; Stefan Baums gave an overview of the literate culture of Gandhāra and the contents of the manuscripts; Gudrun Melzer presented the art of Gandhāra and its relationship with the written tradition; Andrea Schlosser demonstrated the preservation and edition of the manuscripts; and Henriette Roued‐Cunliffe presented digital tools for research on Gāndhārī manuscripts. Jens-Uwe Hartmann moderated the event and showed how the project relates to the wider Munich research environment. The ceremony was accompanied by the Afghan Duo, with Salamat Schiftah on the rubab and Yama Karim on the tabla.

In the news:

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Akademie Aktuell (Volume 44, Issue 1): Neues Licht auf eine alte Kultur – Die frühbuddhistischen Handschriften aus Gandhāra